Music Production

Ryan H. Weaver has been at the beginning stages of signal flow from plugging in a guitar, recording directly to vinyl, and all the way to ringing out monitors. 

Artists Involved with include :

  • The Bandelier -  "Landlines"
  • Robert Hoefling  -  "Redfoot Blues"
  • "The New Tulsa Folk"  -  Local Tulsa Artist Compilation
  • Jesse Aycock  -  "Flowers & Wounds"
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - "Stay Gold", "The Sensation of Seeing Light E.P."
  • Song Sparrow Research - "Welcome to the Potato Famine",  "Self Titled" 
  • Lava Children - "Self Titled" 
  • Ryan Browning and The Saint Jameson Band - "Three Days in Church"
  • The Raggedy Anns - "Self Titled" 
  • Chelsea Coleman - "Lullabies and Leavin' Songs" 
  • Miles Ralston - "From Where We Call Home" 
  • Panda Resistance - "Oh Helen!" 
  • The New Tulsa Sound Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • The No Not Evers - "Self Titled"
  • This Land Live Productions

Robert Hoefling

  • Recording, Producing, Mixing

Song Sparrow Research

  • Mixing

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

  • Recording, Producing, Mixing, Master Collaboration

And there stands empires (the new tulsa sound vol 2)

  • Recording, Overdubs, Mixing


  • Overdubs and Mixing

Go go plumbay (the New tulsa sound vol 1)

  • Recording, Overdubs, Mixing

jesse aycock

  • Assistant Recording Engineer

Lava Children

  • Overdubs, Mixing

The Raggedy Anns

  • Recording, Overdubs, Mixing

The Panda Resistance

  • Overdubs

This Land Live: Music Series

  • Live Mix, Live Recording, Post Mixing and Production. 12 Bands total and tons of videos.